Our core product at Care Response is of course the personal care and assistance that we provide for our clients, but I believe that the tools of modern technology can and should play an increasing role in improving senior citizens quality of life. This has led to the birth of a new project and passion of mine, called ‘Reconnection’.

At Care Response, we find that a large number of people over the age of 60 are scared of technology, feel less connected with society and as a result of which, many of them are lonely. I want them to reconnect; to reconnect in technological terms and with their community.

That is why amongst other things, I am working on developing an easy to use technological platform that takes into account worsening eyesight, hearing, sense of touch and memory loss. But of course, there is no one size fits all solution to this problem. I know there are numerous people in the developed world over the age of 70 who whizz around their iPads from Safari to Skype to Skygo, Strava and Sonos, whilst at the same time, there will be people in their 50s who would not know how to send an e-mail.

That is why we have added Tech Training to our list of services, which consists of a series of group or one to one training sessions on tablets such as the iPad.

Exchanging e-mails and photos with grandchildren; messaging friends; meeting others with the same interests and hobbies without having to leave the comfort of your own home; accessing free music, films and games; the list is literally endless and by the end of our course, it becomes second nature.

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By Alex Whitbread – Director
Feb 2015