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Project ‘Reconnection’ is not just about combating isolation and loneliness through the use of modern technology. It’s also about reconnecting seniors with technology per se. There are those who whilst still very active socially, sit back in awe as they watch the younger generations whizz around their smart phone or tablet and understandably so. The point being that the majority of technological platforms available are not user friendly to those with worsening dexterity and eyesight. For instance, the icons on an iPad start to wobble after 0.7 seconds, whereas the average reaction time of a person over 65 is nearer to 1 second.

With the production of more user friendly interfaces, the senior generation could be taking advantage of the amazing functions and apps that the younger generations take for granted. As mobility decreases, the ability to play interactive chess against a friend down the road, shop online or join niche hobby forums may have an incredible impact on a person’s quality of life.

In order to persuade the senior generation that change and progression is good, no matter what their age or physical capability, we at Care Response are aiming to take technology out to the masses. Hopefully, the positive experiences of their contemporaries will encourage others to have a look for themselves.

Story 1 – Mrs T

Mrs T lives a very active life at 89. She is often out and about, be it on her own, with friends and/or family. In December 2014, she responded to a survey we sent out, within which we asked if there was a song that she had not heard for ages, that she would love to hear. She picked out Don Williams – You’re My Best Friend. So, Diane Brown (Registered Manager at Care Response) and Alex Whitbread (Director and founder of Project ‘Reconnection’) went out to see her and showed her a YouTube recording of Don performing the song live.

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